Factors to Consider When Shopping for Fountain Pens

When growing up and just learning to write, most youngsters are advised that the best way to obtain great handwritings is by using fountain pens. Parents readily oblige and purchase these writing instruments for their kids. However, most often forget that fountain pens come in varieties and not all of them will probably give desired results. This makes the choice of a quality fountain pen a priority when making purchase.

For some reason, there are adults who cannot use any other type of pen apart from the fountain pen. It certainly must be the craze for them. But one thing to not forget – the quality fountain pen offers the best value for money. As it is, most people only look at the nib and make a decision, forgetting a fountain pen’s functionality depends on more than just the nib. There are other factors like the shape and many more to consider too. After all, when using it, it has to be gripped. Comfort while using a pen matters a lot.

quality fountain penThe fountain pen has a long history. It was created in 1884 by one Lewis Waterman. Before ball point pens became common, the fountain pen scribbled so many things from historic treaties to the grocery list, not forgetting signing checks. Despite the existence of the others, the quality fountain pen has still retained its allure.

These pens are not the best with all types of paper though. When purchasing the fountain therefore, it pays to shop well for the right kind of stationery or notebook for great results. After getting the desired pen, one could take a look at the latest Rhodia notebooks available for shoppers at the moment.

Still on the fountain pen, below are factors to consider when shopping for the best fountain pen.

Factors to Consider When Purchasing the Fountain Pen

  • Type of Nib – The nib is that sharp metallic part of the pen that actually writes. Some individuals love the very slim writings while others love the thicker ones. Fountain pens come in single and double nibs. Choose the ideal one after trying them out. For starters, the single nib could do well for people with bigger handwritings while the double nib would be best with smaller writings. Find out if Stabilo art supplies have the various nib sizes.
  • Shape of Tip – Remember not all fountain pens are used for writing office work. Some are used for artistic purposes. The shape of the tip is therefore an important factor to consider too.
  • Ink Filling Cartridges – Fountain pens use ink and different types have varying filling systems. Choose the pen considering convenience, capacity of the inking system and color choice. Most ink cartridges are simple to use. If one wishes to use various colors in the course of writing, there is reason to go the extra mile and spend more.
  • Shape of Body – While some fountain pens are thick, others are slender. Some are plain while others are designed artistically. Choose whatever is suitable by considering comfort and functionality.
  • Writing Surface – After purchasing the fountain pen, consider the writing surface. Use fountain pen friendly notebooks for impeccable results. A smudged notebook does not look too appealing.

Fountain pens are a great way to practice the craft of writing or scribbling. However, think about the writing surface as well.

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