In today’s TV and Internet civilization, people want instant gratification. We channel-surf only to give each of the many different programs a few seconds to catch our attention but then instantly moving on if it doesn’t seem to spark our interest. When it comes to evaluating art, we need to put on a different mindset. First impressions, although influential are not always correct. In this light, we welcome you to http://www.themelononline.com/ blog where we highlight the significance of the arts and entertainment, party and event planning, and all there is in between.

We live in a world that is filled with different inspirations and even distractions. Technology is extremely advanced and it opens up the many possibilities for human to communicate and be entertained. Humans naturally pursue and are fascinated with inspiring, beautiful or amusing things which could be interpreted as Art or Entertainment.

We recognize that for our readers, Art is an inspiring form of pure self-expression, unique creation but not always widely accepted and entertainment is amusing, popular, widely accepted and business related.

As what the http://www.themelononline.com/ blog banner states: Defining Visual Arts in Other Ways is our main goal for the creation of this blog. Our team of creative and art savvy contributors and writers are dedicated to helping our readers on how learning to appreciate and understand art will enrich their lives. Our write ups ranging from topics about visual art, different forms of entertainment and event planning techniques aim to jumpstart the exploring of careers in creative and design grounds.

We hope the information contained within this blog can help, in some way, the reader to see with new eyes.